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Ohio’s New Drunk Driving Laws | Yousef M Faroniya


Ohio’s New Drunk Driving Laws | Yousef M Faroniya

This month Ohio’s drunk driving laws were revised, increasing penalties and expanding the use of ignition interlock devices (a vehicle breathalyzer like at the end of “The 40 Year Old Virgin”). The changes make potential penalties tougher, but they also provides some additional alternatives for those finding themselves in this unfortunate situation (and the potential of avoiding mandatory jail sentences).

So, what changes have been made?

  • The mandatory minimum driver’s license suspension for a first-time offender is increased from six months to one year.

Rights of Protesters | Yousef M Faroniya

Rights of Protesters | Yousef M Faroniya


In light of recent events, I thought that it would be a fitting time to review one of the fundamental American freedoms- public protest. Public protest is a right protected by the 1st Amendment to our nation’s constitution, specifically the clause addressing freedom of assembly.

This right is legally protected, but just like all constitutional amendments, they are not without limits. So, what types of actions are permissible and not permissible in Ohio?


1) Everyone has a right to peacefully protest on public property.